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Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Marcin NawrockiConnect2. Raci #1 - Dismantling Operational Practices of BGP Blackholing at IXPs2019-10-08
Andrew McConachiePlenaryDanish: HTTPS DANE Validation on Linux2019-10-11
Michael RichardsonIoTIoT device quarantine and recovery2019-10-11
Ilona StadnikPlenaryInternet Governance in Russia – Trend on Sovereignization2019-10-11
Susan ForneyConnect5. IPv6 adoption on Internet Exchanges2019-10-12
Vasileios KotronisPlenaryARTEMIS: an Open-source Tool for Detecting BGP Prefix Hijacking in Real Time2019-10-13
David HubermanTutorialReverse DNS: A Primer for Network Engineers2019-10-14
Massimiliano StucchiTutorialMANRS, A hands-on tutorial focusing on filtering and RPKI2019-10-14
Herman TimmermansOpening PlenaryIPv6 Deployment by Dutch Municipalities: the success of a focused approach combined with continuous measurements2019-10-14
Moritz MüllerPlenaryRoll Roll Roll Your Root: A Comprehensive Analysis of the First Ever DNSSEC Root KSK Rollover2019-10-14
Sasha RomijnPlenarySoftware Engineering for Network Engineers (and others)2019-10-14
Hans Petter HolenNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 1012019-10-14
Axel PawlikNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - The RIPE NCC2019-10-14
Nico SchotteliusOpening PlenaryHow to Build, Maintain and Market an IPv6-only Data Center2019-10-14
Leslie DaigleOpen SourceB. Collaborative Open Source: MANRS Validator2019-10-14
Axel PawlikOpening PlenaryAxel Pawlik, Managing Director, RIPE NCC2019-10-14
Franziska LichtblauOpening PlenaryFranziska Lichtblau, RIPE Programme Committee Chair2019-10-14
Florian ObserDNS5. RIPE NCC DNS Report2019-10-14
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryHans Petter Holen, RIPE Chair2019-10-14
Geoff HustonPlenary30 Years of BGP – A Lesson in Protocol Evolution2019-10-14
Wouter van DiepenPlenaryFuture of passive multiplexing for 100G2019-10-14
Thomas WeiblePlenaryThe Complexity of Hyper Speed Transceivers – Let’s Make It2019-10-14
Willem TooropPlenaryState of the DNS - How is your DNS compared to your ISP, your country, the Internet?2019-10-14
Mircea UlinicOpen SourceAutomating Networks Using Salt, Without Running Proxy Minions2019-10-14
Benno Overeinder and Jan ZorzBCOP Task ForceA. Opening, Administrative, Global Activities2019-10-14
Neda KianpourDNS3. Challenges and Successes of DNSSEC Signing an F5 BigIP DNS Hosted Zone2019-10-14
Bijal SanghaniConnectIXP News2019-10-14
Allison Mankin/Willem TooropDNS7. XFR-over-TLS - Making Zone Transfers Private2019-10-14
Eugene BogomazovPlenaryYet Another Step for Origin Validation2019-10-14
Karl LovinkBCOP Task ForceB. How to Detect that Your Domains are Being Abused for ... -- Detecting Phishing2019-10-14
Martin J LevyPlenaryCloudflare: RPKI at Scale2019-10-14
Massimo CandelaPlenaryWorldwide Maximum Accuracy of Active IP Geolocation2019-10-15
Ben DuRACIRIPE IPmap Single-Radius: Experience and Evaluation2019-10-15
Stephen StrowesRACIUsing BigQuery for Analysis of RIPE Atlas Data2019-10-15
Erik BaisPlenaryWhen Can We Start Dropping IPv4 on the DNS Root Servers?2019-10-15
Petr ŠpačekDNS2. Benchmarking and Optimizing DNS Resolvers on the ISP level2019-10-15
Lai Yi OhlsenPlenaryMeasurement Lab - Supporting Open Internet Research2019-10-15
Giovane MouraPlenaryCache me if you can: effects of DNS TTL in user experience2019-10-15
Vladislav BidikovConnect3. Raci #2 - Keeping State Election Infrastructure Safe: How Cloudflare and Local IXP Connectivity Helped a Small Country in Europe2019-10-15
Marco HogewoningConnect8. BEREC Consultation on Last Mile2019-10-15
Amanda GowlandWomen in Tech SessionHow to Attract, Hire and Keep Women in Tech2019-10-15
Marco ChiesaRACIInternet Clouds are (also) Unpredictable!2019-10-15
Jie LiRoutingGroup of Border Links (GBL) Used in Internet Multipath Routing2019-10-15
Geoff HustonDNSThe Resolvers We Use2019-10-15
Chris BuckridgeCooperationSwings & Roundabouts: Internet Governance in 20192019-10-15
Vladislav BidikovRACIKeeping State Election Infrastructure Safe: How Cloudflare and Local IXP2019-10-15
Sofia Silva BerenguerPlenaryAPNIC – Solving Problems For Our Community2019-10-15
Austin HounselDNS4. Analyzing the Costs (and Benefits) of DNS, DoT, and DoH for the Modern Web2019-10-15
Martin WinterOpen SourceA. Administrative Matters2019-10-15
Doug MadoryPlenaryExcessive BGP AS Path Prepending is a Self-Inflicted Vulnerability2019-10-15
Mikhail PuzanovOpen SourceThe Recent Development of the RPKI Validator Project2019-10-15
Remco van MookAddress Policy2019-07 -default assignment for IXPs2019-10-15
Franziska LichtblauRACIMeasuring the Route Collector Ecosystem2019-10-15
Gergana PetrovaRACIRACI Session Introduction2019-10-15
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyD. Current Policy Topics2019-10-15
Michiel SteltmanCooperation2. The Compelling Case for Vulnerability Management2019-10-15
Michiel LeenaarsOpen SourceD. NGI0: The Next Generation Internet Initiative2019-10-16
Sarah WassermannMATDecrypting QoE in an Encrypted Internet – AI to the Rescue2019-10-16
Jim ReidDNSX. AOB2019-10-16
Gert DoeringAddress Policysteering slides2019-10-16
Jordi Palet MartinezAddress PolicyF.1 2019-06 Multiple Editorial Changes in IPv6 Policy2019-10-16
Nikolas PediaditisAddress PolicyIPv4: The End is Near! The present, the future, the past…2019-10-16
Florence LavroffConnect7. Connect update2019-10-16
Felipe Victolla SilveiraRIPE NCC ServicesIPv4 Run-out2019-10-16
Will van GulikConnect1. Opening2019-10-16
Sebastian SpiesConnect4. IX-API: An API for Automating Interconnection2019-10-16
Sandra BrásRIPE NCC ServicesD. RIPE NCC Certified Professionals2019-10-16
Jen LinkovaIPv61. Administrivia2019-10-16
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesA. Administrative Matters2019-10-16
Fergal CunninghamRIPE NCC ServicesC. RIPE NCC Survey 2019 - Key Findings2019-10-16
Axel PawlikRIPE NCC ServicesE. RIPE NCC Update2019-10-16
Carlos FriaçasAnti-AbuseE.1.2019-10-16
Guillermo CicileoAnti-AbuseLACNIC's WARP2019-10-16
Andrei RobachevskyRoutingValidating MANRS of a network2019-10-16
Florian ObserRoutingRIS BGP Route Collection2019-10-16
Nathalie TrenamanRoutingRPKI Resillience, How Trustworthy is our Trust Anchor?2019-10-16
Anna Maria MandalariIoT3. Information Exposure From Consumer IoT Devices: A Multidimensional Network-Informed Approach2019-10-16
Olav KvittemMATMeasuring Micro-Dependability2019-10-16
Rob EvansRoutingAdministrativa2019-10-16
Enno ReyIPv6IP Addresses & Their Implications2019-10-16
Jen LinkovaIPv66. What Shall This WG do?2019-10-16
Marco SchmidtAnti-AbuseC.1. RIPE NCC Update on 2017-022019-10-17
Jens LinkIPv65. Don't let v4 die!2019-10-17
Jordi Palet MartinezAnti-AbuseC.2. Policy Proposal 2019-04 - Validation of "abuse-mailbox"2019-10-17
Emile AbenRoutingRIS BGP Route Collection (part 2)2019-10-17
Brian TrammellMATChairs Introduction2019-10-17
Petrit HasaniRIPE Community PlenaryPDP Participation2019-10-17
Robert KistelekiMATRIPE NCC Tools Update2019-10-17
Laura KaplanNRO/RIR ReportsLACNIC Update2019-10-17
Veronika McKillopIPv63. MSIT Ongoing Journey to IPv6-only and Lessons Learned From it2019-10-17
Massimo CandelaRoutingBGPalerter: real-time BGP monitoring2019-10-17
Massimo CandelaMATAnalysis of Periodic Behaviours in Network Measurements2019-10-17
Kim DaviesNRO/RIR ReportsIANA Update2019-10-17
Ed ShryaneDatabaseB. Operational Update RIPE Database2019-10-17
Constanze DietrichIoT4. Update on the IoT Hackathon Rotterdam 20192019-10-17
Stephen StrowesMATComparing RIPE Atlas and CAIDA Ark Data using BigQuery2019-10-17
Stavros KonstantarasDatabaseF. NWI-9 In-Band Notification Mechanism2019-10-17
Mahesh AggarwalDatabaseD. NWI-8 LIR’s SSO Authentication Groups Demonstration2019-10-17
Job SnijdersDatabaseE. NWI-3 RIPE-NONAUTH perspective, still needed?2019-10-17
Jens LinkIPv65. Don't let v4 die!2019-10-17
Shane KerrDatabaseRIPE Database Requirements Task Force2019-10-17
wouter van diepenWorkshopSolid Optics2019-10-17
Brian NisbetRIPE Community PlenaryDiversity Task Force Code of Conduct Update2019-10-17
Richard BrownNRO/RIR ReportsAPNIC Update2019-10-17
Hans Petter HolenRIPE Community PlenaryRIPE 79 Community Plenary2019-10-17
Shane KerrRIPE Community Plenary3. RIPE DB Task Force2019-10-17
Chris WoodfieldNRO/RIR ReportsARIN Update2019-10-17
Marco SchmidtNRO/RIR ReportsNRO Statistics2019-10-17
Filiz YilmazNRO/RIR ReportsNRO NC Update2019-10-18
Hisham IbrahimBoFThe Centralised Internet2019-10-18
Axel PawlikNRO/RIR ReportsNRO EC Update2019-10-18
Doug MadoryClosing PlenaryIXP FilterCheck, a New Route Analysis Tool for Internet Exchanges2019-10-18
Thomas KingClosing PlenaryIX-API: An API for Automating Interconnection2019-10-18
Iljitsch van BeijnumClosing PlenaryAS Paths: Long, Longer, Longest2019-10-18
Menno SchepersClosing PlenaryRIPE NCC Technical Report2019-10-18
Hans Petter HolenClosing PlenaryClosing Remarks2019-10-18