Women in Tech Session

Women in Tech

When: Tuesday, 15 October from 13:00-14:00
Where: Side Room

Panel: “How to Attract, Hire and Keep Women in Tech Roles”

Sacha Martina
Bureau Zwart WIT
Simon Besteman
Ning-Hsuan Yen
Philips IT
Chris Upjohn


Join us to learn from industry experts on best practices for building great tech teams by attracting, hiring and retaining women in tech roles.

Tuesday, 15 October 12:30 - 14:00 (UTC+1)

Panel: How to Attract, Hire and Keep Women in Tech
Moderator: Amanda Gowland, RIPE NCC


  • Sacha Martina, Zwart & Wit Bureau
  • Ning-Hsuan Yen, Philips Tech
  • Chris Upjohn, Mercer
  • Simon Besteman, ISPConnect

    A standing buffet lunch will be served outside of the Side Room from 12:30-13:00 for session participants only.

    The Women in Tech session is an open event that brings together all attendees in the RIPE community to:

    • Raise awareness of the work from women in the community
    • Discuss issues that act as barriers for women to participate fully and freely in the community (and beyond)
    • Create space for women to share their experiences and best practices
    • Enable our male allies to better understand the female experience in the RIPE community

    Making RIPE Meetings and the RIPE community more diverse and inclusive requires the support from all members of the community.

    The Women in Tech Session is open and inclusive. Everyone is encouraged to join!

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