11:02 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Gergana Petrova from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 45 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
11:02 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
11:08 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Marcin Nawrocki has begun the presentation "Dismantling Operational Practices of BGP Blackholing at IXPs".
11:19 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The presenter has asked for questions.
11:20 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
11:20 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Vladislav Bidikov has started the presentation "Keeping State Election Infrastructure Safe: How Cloudflare and Local IXP Connectivity Helped a Small Country in Europe"
11:30 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The presenter has asked for questions.
11:31 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
11:32 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Sebastian Spies is substituting Thomas King and has begun the presentation "IX-API: An API for Automating Interconnection".
11:36 < ripe_790> Can you ask the speaker where he got his definition of an IXP please?
11:44 < Gergana_RIPENCC> hi ripe_790, yes, I will read your question. Could you tell me your name and organisation please?
11:46 < Gergana_RIPENCC> (if you like me to mention them at the mic)
11:49 < ripe_558> It feels like you've created a mechanism to turn an IXP into an ISP through automation?
11:49 < ripe_558> I.e. at what point does remote participation dilute the value of local traffic peering locally?
11:50 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Thanks. I will read it out.
11:53 < Axu> the stream has a high pitched background sound that comes and goes
11:54 < Axu> a bit like a feedback loop, but not quite
11:54 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Hi Axu, thanks for the feedback. I will pass it on to my colleagues in charge of the stream.
11:55 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
11:55 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Susan Forney has begun the presentation "IPv6 Adoption on Internet Exchanges".
11:56 < Axu> i think the squealing sound just went away
11:57 < Axu> i wonder if it was the session chair's microphone
11:58 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Hi Axu, my colleagues informed me they are aware about it and working on it. I will share with them your observations just now. Let's see :)
12:02 < iljitsch> So on NLIX there are more v6 addresses reachable than assigned??
12:02 < Axu> the other bar was v4 routers
12:03 < Axu> so i understand that they have more reachable v6 routers than v4 routers
12:03 < Axu> (s/routers/assigned addresses/g)
12:04 < Axu> hmm ... i wonder what the delay on the stream is
12:07 < mem> Didn't saw Netnod on the slides. Then I didn't saw Sweden either. Last I checked Sweden was part of Europe and we also have "some" computers and IXPs too.
12:07 < Axu> perhaps it's just not significant enough?
12:07 < mem> Probably
12:08 < Gergana_RIPENCC> hi iljitsch, I will read your question when the presenter asks for questions.
12:08 < Gergana_RIPENCC> mem, would you like me to read out oud your comment?
12:09 < mem> Yes
12:10 < Axu> mem: seriously tho: susan gives these kinds of talks in a lot of events and i suspect the list of countries in the graphs corresponds pretty well with the list of countries she's been to in the past year or so
12:10 < mem> She was in Sweden last week, I talked to her then
12:10 < Axu> oh?
12:11 < mem> She vistied the Netnod Tech Meeting on Thursday
12:12 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The presenter has asked for questions.
12:13 < Axu> based on that, i think the stream delay is considerable
12:13 < Axu> oh, squealing sound is b ack
12:14 < Axu> it could be the audience microphone as well
12:16 < Gergana_RIPENCC> hi Axu, the information on the top of the screen is telling me the delay is about 60 seconds.
12:16 < Axu> thanks
12:17 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
12:18 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Marco Hogewoning has begun the presentation "BEREC Consultation. Identification of the network termination point".
12:20 < ripe_461> good morning
12:20 < ripe_461> from Gambia
12:20 < dnshane> Hm. Didn't we already use NTP as an abbreviation. :-D
12:21 < robert_ripencc> define "we" :-)
12:22 < dnshane> I just worry that there may be NTP bugs in the NTP provided by the NTP, although some NTP are provided on the provider's NTP while others are provided by NTP run by the customer, and other NTP is not on an NTP at all.
12:22 < Axu> dnshane: fwiw, my d-link does speak NTP
12:23 < robert_ripencc> Not Their Problem
12:24 < dnshane> 😄
12:26 < Gergana_RIPENCC> hi dnshane, do you want me to read your comment on the mic?
12:27 < Axu> Comment on presentation: My very sujective experience with ISP provided consumer grade networking equipment is that the security and software management has been worse than for equipment the consumers have acquired themselves. So this is contrary to the promise that the ISP can manage configurations better...
12:27 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Sorry, there chair did not allow for comments or questions...
12:27 < Gergana_RIPENCC> I will pass on your comment to my colleague Marco right now.
12:28 < ripe_234> welcome bijal
12:29 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Florence Lavroff has begun the presentation "Connect update".
12:30 < ripe_234> on behalf bijal right correct me please
12:31 < Gergana_RIPENCC> ripe_234 - yes this is correct. Florence suggested for questions for the IXPs to turn directly to the relevant IXPs.
12:32 < ripe_234> very well
12:32 < Axu> F
12:32 < Axu> back
12:33 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The chairs have asked for general questions or feedback.
12:33 < Axu> no squealing sound now
12:33 < Axu> so either issue fixed or it wasn't the chair mic
12:34 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Axu, concerning your comment, Marco says "My view is that we're not the average user. you have to think about how this impact your dad or neighbour who has 0 clue and just buys cheap thing and never look at it."
12:34 < Axu> Gergana_RIPENCC: my actual experience was that my mom's modem started sending spam at line speed, even tho it was supposed to be managed by the ISP
12:38 < Gergana_RIPENCC> hi Axu, Im afraid Marco went offline to go get lunch, but if you'd be interested, write to him at : marco [dot] hogewoning [at] ripe [dot] net
12:38 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Thank you all for participating. This session has now ended.
12:39 < Badara> do we have a break
12:41 < Trevor> Its lunch break until 1400CEST
12:43 < Badara> ok very well thank you
12:48 < Badara> we have time difference but will calculate thanks