13:58 < mirjam_ripencc> Welcome to the afternoon plenary session. I am Mirjam from the RIPE NCC and I'll be your chat monitor.
13:58 < starborn> One of the slides mentioned that there would be given out prices tomorrow for people who have implemented RPKI. Are there any details? :)
13:58 < mirjam_ripencc> If you have a question or comment for any of the presenters, please post them here. Please also state your name and affiliation.
14:02 < mirjam_ripencc> @starborn - Yes, there are prizes. Make sure you join the ROA party at the coffee break area tomorrow ;-)
14:02 < starborn> Thanks!
14:02 < mirjam_ripencc> First presentation is by Giovane Moura, SIDN Labs: Cache me if you can: effects of DNS TTL in user experience
14:06 < Krlos> As handsome as the speaker is, would it be possible to see the slides?
14:08 < mirjam_ripencc> @Krlos - we're working on it. Sorry
14:09 < dnshane> You can also download them directly:
14:10 < ripe_628> feel free to point the camera at the slides too
14:12 < Krlos_> Thanks!
14:13 < mirjam_ripencc> maybe a little better now?
14:13 < Edson_Neto> Thanks
14:25 < mirjam_ripencc> Any questions for Giovane?
14:26 < mirjam_ripencc> Next speaker: Sofía Silva Berenguer, APNIC: Solving Problems For Our Community
14:30 < starborn> Well.
14:38 < ripe_374> Hello everyone
14:44 < mirjam_ripencc> Any questions for Sofia?
14:46 < mirjam_ripencc> Next speaker: Lai Yi Ohlsen, Measurement Lab: Measurement Lab - Supporting Open Internet Research
15:02 < ripe_824> this is interesting indeed
15:08 < mirjam_ripencc> Any questions for Lai Yi Ohlsen?