[13:02:38] <smahena_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm  Smahena Amakran from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 45 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins."
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[13:44:29] <smahena_RIPENCC> Amanda has asked for questions.
[13:47:17] <ripe_408> What does RIPE NCC do to ensure diversity?
[13:48:04] <smahena_RIPENCC> Do you want me to read this out?
[13:48:44] <ripe_408> If you could
[13:49:03] <smahena_RIPENCC> Could you tell me your name and organisation please?
[14:00:06] <smahena_RIPENCC> This session has now ended.