15:59 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Adonis from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 45 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
15:59 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
16:04 < amd2-ripe> no audio on stream
16:04 < ripe_257> can confirm
16:04 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Ilona Stadnik has begun the presentation "Internet Governance in Russia – Trend on Sovereignization".
16:04 < Adonis_RIPENCC> I've informed them about the issue on audio.
16:05 < ripe_390> Geen geluid?
16:05 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Is it working for you now? There is a 45 second delay in the stream.
16:05 < ripe_257> works!
16:05 < ripe_149> sound is out
16:05 < amd2-ripe> it's faint but there :)
16:05 < ripe_390> Ahhh, now there is sound
16:05 < ripe_706> was just typing about sound - ok now
16:06 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Great. Thank you
16:06 < amd2-ripe> is it possible to up the volume .. a bit .. ?
16:06 < Adonis_RIPENCC> amd2-ripe, we're working on it.
16:07 < ripe_277> live sound is very low...
16:07 < amd2-ripe> twist all the knobs! ;-)
16:08 < amd2-ripe> oh wait, audio is slidey things I think
16:08 < amd2-ripe> can just about hear her now :)
16:08 < Adonis_RIPENCC> we're going to slide up the audio a bit more
16:09 < amd2-ripe> there we go!
16:09 < ripe_390> Great
16:09 < ripe_277> Thanks !
16:09 < Adonis_RIPENCC> happy to hear it's working :)
16:09 < amd2-ripe> excellent!
16:10 < ripe_257> it would be nice to see the slides in the video as well (if she has any)
16:11 < Adonis_RIPENCC> I've asked the team to show the slides as well.
16:11 < ripe_257> thanks :)
16:15 < Adonis_RIPENCC> ripe_257, we're still looking into it :)
16:16 < amd2-ripe> ripe_257: to be really unfair, allready has the slides :)
16:17 < amd2-ripe> (but yeah, it's very useable to actually see where the talker is in the slides..)
16:17 < ripe_257> I know (but thanks for the pointer anyways), but then I need to keep track of the slides myself
16:17 < ripe_257> amd2-ripe: right :)
16:17 < amd2-ripe> Adonis_RIPENCC: the PiP thing wasn't a bad idea .. I think
16:18 < ripe_149> "debate and discussion" (can we laugh?)
16:27 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Ilona Stadnik has asked for questions.
16:33 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Sasha Romijn has begun the presentation "Software Engineering for Network Engineers (and others)".
16:47 < amd2-ripe> Adonis_RIPENCC: slides would have been really nice during this talk :-)
16:48 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Sorry amd2-ripe. The presenter is using her own laptop but we'll try to make it work for the next presentation.
16:48 < amd2-ripe> ah :)
16:48 < amd2-ripe> also, I can just about follow it on my own, so it's ok for now
16:49 < Adonis_RIPENCC> I do understand the convenience though of having everything on one screen!
16:50 < amd2-ripe> it's more of the having a synchronization between what's being said and what's being pointed at
16:53 < telmich> afaics, the slides of her are online
16:53 < telmich> (at least I have them on my notebook)
16:53 < amd2-ripe> they are, but manually following them is a bit .. challenging :)
16:53 < amd2-ripe> if at least her lower right corner had a page number ;)
16:53 < klaver-38970> slides are here:
16:55 < telmich> how does the text screens work? somebody typing or automatic voice recognition?
16:56 < rhe-786> Someone typing. a few awesome stenographers.
16:56 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Sasha Romijn has asked for questions.
16:58 < rhe-786> telmich: (Not on a traditional keyboard, use a special keyboard where different chords relate to different phonemes, with a specialised dictionary.)
16:58 < Adonis_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
17:00 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Willem Toorop has begun the lightning talk "State of the DNS - How is your DNS compared to your ISP, your country, the Internet?".
17:02 < rhe-786> telmich: Also see "The Art of Stenography" at
17:03 < jaap_99> Hello, can we get the camera that also shows the slides?
17:04 < jaap_99> Thanks!
17:05 < Adonis_RIPENCC> You're welcome. Sorry for the delay
17:09 < Adonis_RIPENCC> The lightning talk has ended.
17:09 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Vasileios Kotronis has begun the lightning talk "ARTEMIS: an Open-source Tool for Detecting BGP Prefix Hijacking in Real Time".
17:15 * ripe_214 slaps ripe_214 around a bit with a large fishbot
17:18 < Adonis_RIPENCC> The lightning talk has ended.
17:18 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Wouter van Diepen has begun the lightning talk "Future of passive multiplexing for 100G".
17:25 < ripe_149> no flux compensator in there...
17:25 < Adonis_RIPENCC> The lightning talk has ended.
17:26 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Is there a question for the presenter?
17:27 < Adonis_RIPENCC> Thank you all for participating remotely
17:27 < Adonis_RIPENCC> This session has now ended.