Wednesday, 16 October

Day three of RIPE 79 was Working Group Day. 600 attendees checked in including 180 newcomers. Here are some of the highlights:

Address Policy I

Address Policy II

  • After the break, Marco Schmidt ended his regular policy update by surprising the community with a new policy proposal that had been developed in a smokey back room within the RIPE NCC. The policy proposal, 2019-NCC, “Policy Development Office Changes”, suggests that Marco should pass the mantle of Policy Officer to Petrit Hasani.




Open Source

RIPE NCC Services

  • Felipe Victolla took the audience for a trip back in time in his DeLorean to explain the upcoming IPv4 run-out and how the RIPE NCC prepared for it.
  • Brenda Mainland and Fergal Cunningham presented findings from the RIPE NCC 2019 survey. The survey registered record participation and showed a really high member satisfaction rate.
  • Sandra Bras took the stage to present the brand new RIPE NCC’s Certified Professional program.
  • In one of the most emotional RIPE NCC services Working Groups, Axel Pawlik celebrated his 20th anniversary as Managing Director and announced that he will step down from his leadership role. He received a standing ovation from the audience and was warmly thanked by the community for his two decades of hard work and commitment managing the RIPE NCC.

The Incredible ROAs party

  • Last but not least, Adonis Stergiopoulos and Nathalie Trenaman celebrated networks that have signed their Route Origin Authorisations (ROAs) and are dropping invalids – as part of Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI). More than 50 attendees proved they have done so and claimed their prizes!