Tuesday, 15 October

Second day of RIPE 79 was up and running with a full day of plenary presentations. We welcomed 662 attendees by the end of the day, including 169 newcomers.
Here’s an overview of the day.

Highlights from Day 2

    • The day started with a big focus on Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI). Eugene Bogomazov talked about the importance of Route Origin Validation (ROAs) while Martin Levy gave an overview of the different RPKI Validators available.
    • A talk from Andrew McConachie, who reported on his experiment to perform HTTPS DANE Validation on Linux. Soon after, Moritz Müller gave a comprehensive analysis of the first ever DNSSEC Root KSK Rollover, which deemed to be a success!
    • A digital graffiti wall to celebrate 10 years of RIPE Labs.
    • A very interesting Women in Tech expert panel that shared their learning experiences and advice on how you can attract, hire and keep women in tech roles. They spoke about inclusion, how important onboarding is, and asked attendees to rethink the career pages of their companies.
    • In the afternoon, Sofía Silva Berenguer, presented a number of useful community tools the APNIC is providing to researchers and operators – some in collaboration with the RIPE NCC. Lay Yi Ohlsen from MLab showed some interesting measurements and visualisations based on various data sets – they are also very interested in collaborating with the RIPE NCC again.
    • Geoff Huston triggered some discussion with his presentation about the design of the BGP Protocol, why it has survived for 30 years, and why it is not likely to radically change anytime soon.
  • The day ended with:
    • A BoF on diversity – organisers and attendees shared their own experiences on how to build a more inclusive workforce.
    • A RACI session – in which academics, NRENs and others presented their work on a variety of topics including monitoring IoT devices, Internet clouds, RIPE IPmap and more.

And then, of course, the social: a networking event on a boat where attendees will get to admire the striking Rotterdam skyline from the water! We’re off to get ready for the cruise – and we’ll see you back tomorrow for the first day of RIPE Working Group sessions.

Our favourite tweets from Day 2