Monday, 14 October

RIPE 79 is underway here among the towering toren of Rotterdam. It’s been a busy first day with 563 attendees checking in so far from 62 countries, of whom 149 are attending their first RIPE Meeting.

Here’s your highlights for the opening day.

Highlights from Day 1

  • We got started with two very interesting tutorials
  • Newcomers to RIPE Meetings were welcomed by Hans Petter Holen and Axel Pawlik before heading upstairs to attend the new Newcomers’ Lunch event.
  • Franziska Lichtblau introduced herself as the new RIPE Programme Committee Chair and wanted to make sure attendees send their feedback regarding the presentations and the programme.
  • Gerben Klein Baltin and Herman Timmermans showed how they make sure everyone will make the move to IPv6 with just one video (in Dutch!).
  • Nico Schottelius talked about that building a data center on IPv4 is like building a diesel car: it works, it sells, but it isn’t really sexy. IPv6 is not just for marketing, but also for sustainability!
  • A talk on Russia’s ongoing efforts to gain control of Internet resources along national lines from Ilona Stadnik of the Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
  • A look into nine reasons why network engineers could stand to brush up on their software engineering skills
  • The day ended with a NOG BoF where NOG organisers and NOG attendees met to discuss whether NOGs should be a regular discussion item at RIPE Meetings. Representatives from DENOG, UKNOF, NLNOG and PTNOG exchanged ideas on how best to coordinate their efforts on this front. The next step is to raise the question of how NOGs fit into RIPE
    Meetings on the RIPE List.

Our favourite tweets from Day 1