Friday, 18 October

The last day of the RIPE Meeting ended with 736 checked-in attendees, of which 187 were newcomers.

Friday’s Highlights

NRO/RIR Reports

  • One minute before the NRO/RIR reports started, venue staff notified the RIPE NCC that a fire alarm had been set off, but that an evacuation was not required. So while we’re grateful for the attempt, anonymous benefactor, next time you’ll need to do a little more!
  • The session contained the usual RIR reports, a report from the NRO Executive Council (EC), the NRO Number Council (NC), some NRO statistics, and a report from IANA/PTI.
  • During the session, it was noted that the NRO was yet to report back following concerns  about the quality of its statistics that were raised at RIPE 78.

Closing Plenary

  • In his closing remarks as RIPE Chair, Hans Petter Holen thanked Axel Pawlik for his 20 years serving the community as Managing Director of the RIPE NCC.
  • Two new chairs of the Routing WG were welcomed – Job Snijders and Paul Hoogsteder.
  • Pavel Lunin and Dmitry Kohmanyuk were (re)eected to the RIPE Programme.
  • Filiz Yilmaz was re-elected for another term on the NRO NC.